Computer Repairs Morningside

Computer Repairs Morningside : We are locally based in Coorparoo just over 10 minutes from residents and small businesses in Morningside needing help and repairs to their PC, Laptop or Mac or having other IT issues.

We off the choice of onsite (our workshop for repairs) on offsite (mobile service to you) services.  The choice is yours, the fees are the same.

We are a local business and offer a full range of repair and IT services – these are detailed under our “Services” tab – without the high advertising and running costs of the larger chains can provide these services at a more affordable rate.

We are very competitive and have a strong customer focus including – no call out fees, affordable repair fees and no minimum hourly rate.  We also get to know you on a one-to-one basis and ensure that the services we provide are tailored to your needs rather than possibly charging you for facilities you do not require.

When deciding whether Affordable Computer Repairs and Service is the right company to trust with your computer and valuable files/photos please read the reviews we have received from our customers available on this site.

We offer a mobile service to Morningside home users and small businesses otherwise you are very welcome to bring your troubled computer to us at 48 Octantis Street, corner of Mars Street in Coorparoo.  Please give us a ring before you come.

We do not hide our charges, our fees are $125 an hour – if you feel this is too high, please check with some of our competitors.  It is rare that a job takes longer than an hour or two to complete and should this be likely we would let you know before hand.  Replacement of faulty components on your computer is an additional charge, again we would discuss this with you prior to undertaking this step.

Call us today on 33971215 and we will discuss how we can assist you.

Computer Repairs Morningside

Examples of our services include:-

  • Malware elimination
  • Computer crashes
  • Data recovery
  • Part(s) replacement
  • Internet connections recovered/installed
  • Printer software problems resolved
  • Computers that won’t boot
  • Lines across the screen – video card problems
  • Soft drink/coffee etc. spilt on your laptop
  • All hardware and software issues


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Computer Repairs Morningside

We are only 10 minutes away

Computer Repairs Morningside



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