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Computer Repair Log December 2016

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service – Computer Repair Log

computer repair log december 2016This is a list of customer enquiries that we have received for computer repairs in Brisbane and other IT services.  These enquires were received by email from our website during the month of December 2016.  You can see from this computer repair log that there are a diverse number of different problems that we are requested to assist with.  There are too some common repair jobs that we obtain with a fair amount of frequency.

The computer repair log has been sorted into the different types of computer problems rather than date of enquiry.  The purpose of this log is to demonstrate to you, a potential client the breadth and depth of our computer, laptop and mac repair services as well as the variety of other IT services that we provide.

We have also provided links to information that is relevant to the particular queries that is on our website.  This information includes blogs as well as more information regarding our repair and other IT services.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is becoming an increasingly larger portion of our repair business and a large amount of that is from portable hard drives.  You may be interested to read our blog on How to Avoid Hard Drive Failure.

Requests for Data Recovery

My Seagate 2TB “Backup Plus Portable Drive” is not being recognised by my computer when it gets plugged in. The light on the hard drive is blinking, but it’s not showing up on the computer. I used this hard drive about 2 weeks ago with no issues, and since then it has had no physical damage (it’s been in a drawer). If possible, could you call me to discuss options?

Sandisk usb failure from shock (possible loud noise from bluetooth nearby?) Or just old, but it happened suddenly after playing something from youtube. No sign that usb is in the slot. Don’t know if all my files are still on?

I have a Portable hard drive Power failure with a ticking sound. A family member has knocked the 3T Sea Gate portable hard drive not long after It made the ticking sound and it died. I had some important data there amongst backups of some old PC game projects. What I want to ask is can you get it to boot up again and get it back into sync so Ii can access the data?

I want all my data of one off my laptop hard drive that doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. I have important stuff on this hard drive. I want to know if you guys can help me?

Hi, My external hard drive is not reading on my computers. I was wondering if I can take it it tomorrow, 28 Dec for you to see if can recover the data inside?

Laptop Repairs

These are examples of the type of laptop repair jobs that we receive.  These requests for laptop repair help were received by Affordable Computer Repairs and Service during the month of December 2016.  As you can see from below we obtain both software and hardware repair requests and in most instances we are able to assist.

Laptop Repair Enquiries

Do you guys fix the aluminium body of the laptops and fix some minor scratches? if so could you please let me know how much it will cost?

Spilt coffee on laptop turns on fine but keyboard is sticking. I’m in Coorparoo.

I’m looking to get a quote for a hardware repair for my ASUS N550JK laptop. The headphone port has broken – when plugging in headphones the plug is loose in the connector and they only play sound when plugged in a very specific angle. I have pulled apart the computer myself and the part is securely soldered on – I believe the problem is inside the port itself.

I have a HP Pavillion m6-1010tx laptop and both hinges require replacing. I visited ITShop in Westfield Carindale but unfortunately poor customer service by a staff member forced my hand and I am looking elsewhere for quotes but am looking to get this fixed rather urgently. Do you repair/replace hinges on laptops and if so do you require a visual first to determine quote? If so I can provide pictures or bring laptop to your repair centre in Coorparoo. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Just wondering if you do repairs and replace parts for Alienware laptops? If so, please let me know ASAP so I can give you the specific issues and arrange a date/time for repair.

Hello. I have an old HP Pavilion PC. I am unable to get past a message that is telling me that the ‘boot device is not found and to install an operating system in the hard disk’. I have taken a screen shot for further reference if needed. I’ve had this wonderful laptop for years and as you can imagine it has many of our treasured family pics and videos on it. I would like to try and have my laptop fixed but if it can’t then hopefully retrieve the data. I am located on the Sunshine Coast but happy to drive down or post my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, I have a Samsung Laptop NP-R530-JA02AU where the screen seems to do a colour test instead of booting up to the Windows System, I connected it to my Desktop monitor via the VGA port and it worked great. Does this mean I need a new Screen for my Samsung Laptop, if so what costs am I looking at, can bring it up to you at Coorparoo store.

I have a dell laptop, but the problem is I can’t get an ac adapter for it so I can charge the laptop it’s a Dell Inspiron 1525, can you help?

Mac Repairs

Mac Repair is about a third of all our repair work and we believe this is due to our expertise in this area plus our very affordable rates.

Mac Repair Requests

I recently bought an iMac off someone I know, and it was working fine until I was on it this afternoon. I had a few program open and was watching a video tutorial, when all of a sudden the screen went dark grey and the sound skipped/looped the same section again and again.  (The main part was also feeling quite hot and took a couple of hours to cool down).  I’ve tried restarting it following some instructions on the net, but the load screen had the progression bar go about half way and then the screen goes white.  It has managed to start once, but then crashed again.  It has yet to now go past the white load screen.  I have tried a PRAM reset and now it’s just in a cycle of half loading, going to a white screen, rebooting itself and starting all over again.   I live in Greenslopes and could easily bring it over to your Coorparoo store. Would you happen to have space for me to drop it in on Monday, please?

My MacBook Pro got wet and the usb ports stopped working , all other ports are working fine.  I would like to know what the cost of fixing them would be.

Could you please advise me an estimated cost to replace the video card in my 2010 27′ Imac?

I dropped my late 2008 macbook pro and the screen went black and no longer works. Genius bar guys said the rest of it seems to work and harddrive is fine, but because it’s considered “antique” they won’t fix it. Wondering if this is something you could do and an approx cost?

MacBook Air start button won’t work but laptop will turn on when plugged in to power, can this be fixed and how much?  Please email a reply, thankyou.

What is the cost to replace a retina screen on an Apple MacBook Pro, model A1502?  Will it be possible for the repair to be completed before Christmas? Which option is the most economical, mobile or I store at Coorparoo?

Virus Removal

computer repair log affordable computer repairsNo matter how good malware and virus removal programs are customers still obtain viruses on their computers.  We do the most thorough virus removal job and prefer to do it in our Coorparoo workshop as we run several malware removal programs and it simply is too expensive to do this as an on-site job due to the time it takes.

Example of Virus Removal Requests for Help

I think I have a virus that open up to “installation club” pop-ups.  Advertising opens randomly regardless of having the internet browser open.  Can you give me a quote on the estimated cost of removal?

Installation and Re-Installation Requests

Examples of Software Installation Enquiries

I’m wondering how much you guys would charge to upgrade my MacBook Pro (2013) to OS sierra, with back up and reinstall of my current computer programs and files etc.

Morning. I am wanting my apple pc wiped of its current data and refreshed with new program. Can you please advise pricing and when this can be done?

Virus destroyed HDD. Can you please email me an estimate for replacing my HDD with labour costs included please.  Thank you.

Laptop Screen Repairs

Example of Broken Laptop Screen Enquiries

I have a cracked LCD, I can still use the laptop, the glass itself is cracked. Can it be replaced?  HP Pavillion x360 Convertible Model 11-U027TU SN: 8CG6333OC.

I need a new screen for my 2014 retina 27″ iMac, as it doesn’t work anymore. I was wondering if you could please give me a quote?

Custom Built Computers

We at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service custom build PCs to meet the specific needs of the user.  There are many advantages of having a custom built computer including longevity as only quality components are used.  We custom build computers for those with specific needs such as gamers and video editing companies as well as for the general public who are looking for a machine that they know will last and work to their specific needs.

Requests for Custom Built Computers in December 2016

I am looking for someone to build me a computer with these components Neptune Intel Core i7-6700, 16GB Ram, 2TB Hard Drive, GTX950, Windows 10 pro, Gaming Computer Desktop PC.

I was just wondering how much it would cost to buy a full tower case and have you guys assemble my pc. I have all the parts except the case.

Bits and Pieces, Odds and Sods

I’m looking to get my P.C assembled. I’ve bought all the parts (apart from CPU thermal paste). I’d like to book a time in to do this.  I live at Toowong, do you come out or would i have to drop it off somewhere?

I have a USB computer keyboard that has just stopped working. I’m wondering if this would be something that you might be able to fix? It was an expensive keyboard and they don’t appear to sell them anymore online so would like to see if I can get it fixed before looking to replace it.

Our PC will not connect to internet even though our laptops will, please help.

I just wanted a quote to have my old MacBook Pro upgraded to have more memory, preferably to 1TB. I already have a back up to an external hard drive, and the Apple Store said that they can install the new operating system software at their store. So, I am just inquiring about the part and labour cost to install the HDD. Thanks for your time. Happy Holidays.

Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

We are located at 48 Octantis Street, corner of Mars Street in Coorparoo, Brisbane.  You can bring your troubled computer, laptop or mac to us at our workshop or we can come to you if you are within our mobile service area.

Please always call first (0409 974 707 or 3397 1215) so we can obtain a good understanding of your computer issue and be able to advise you on the phone of the likely cost and outcome for your repair job.

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