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Examples of Email Phishing Scams

Examples of Email Phishing scams are provided below. An email which appears to come from your bank warns  you that there is a problem with your account.  You are asked for your account details in order that the ‘bank’ can protect your money.  If you do provide the information, the scammers will use the data […]

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Email Phishing Scams

Email phishing scams can be dangerous and need to be watched out for.  The purpose of email phishing scams is theft – that is to steal from you. What are email phishing scams? Email phishing scams are messages sent to you as an email which attempt to trick you into revealing important personal information – such […]

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Common Email Scams to Watch Out For…

Below is a list of current email scams to watch out for. Travel Deals Too Good to Be True This popular scam advertises amazing travel deals – even free tickets (but then in the fine print the accommodation is exorbitant) – they usually state that the offer is for a short period only – encouraging you […]

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