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Looking for the best free antivirus?

There are many good free antivirus programs available on the net and we have listed below what we believe (as a computer repair business) to be the best antivirus software as at this time, January 2015.

Based on our experience in malware removal (and I am sure mirrored by many others) even if you use the best free antivirus available it will not be able to detect all the malware on your computer.

Nor in our experience is there any one best paid for antivirus that will be able to detect all the viruses, spyware, trogans etc on your laptop or PC.

To best protect your machine you should have one (and only one) antivirus program actively running in the background on your computer.  We also recommend that you have two ‘on-demand’ antivirus protection programs loaded on your machine which you activate on a regular basis.  Most free antivirus protection programs will need to be updated each time before you run your scan(s).

Best Free Antivirus – Continuous Scanning

At the current time (January 2015) in our experience as a computer repair and IT Services business the best free antivirus protection programs that you should have installed and continuously running on your machine is:

Microsoft Security Essentials – for Windows 7 and earlier versions

Microsoft Defender – for Windows 8 and 8.1

AVG AntiVirus

Avast 2015

It is noted again that there are many good free antivirus programs, the above ones we have identified as the best free antivirus programs at this period of time.  It is very likely to that this will change over time as these companies are continually upgrading their products to best protect your machine for you.  As malware is being written all the time, so too are virus protection programs so the effectiveness of the antivirus programs also changes.

You are welcome to call us (3397 1215) to enquire as to what the best antivirus we recommend at any particular time.

Best Free Antivirus – On-Demand Scanning

We believe that currently the best free antivirus software for on-demand scanning is:



Again there are many other good on-demand antivirus programs available and over time which is the best one will change as some are quicker or slower to adapt to the new malware that is written.  So again, if you wish we are more than happy for you to give us a call to find out which are the best antivirus software programs at any given time.

Remember as these are free ‘on-demand’ programs you will probably need to update them prior to running a scan once installed on your machine.

We recommend that you run two ‘on-demand’ antivirus scans at least once a month.

Free Antivirus Downloads

To download one or more of our recommended free antivirus programs, just select from the links below.

Microsoft Security Essentials – for Windows 7 and earlier versions

Microsoft Defender – for Windows 8 and 8.1

Avast 2015



Please note we do not sell or endorse in anyway any of the antivirus companies products.  Our recommendations are based on our experience as a computer repair business.  The information in this article is also only the best advice that we can give at the present time.  Our advice is likely to change over time as malware and antivirus programs change – as well as malware change and evolve.

So please give us a call at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service (3397 1215) and we will be happy to share our experiences with the different free and paid antivirus software with you.

Should you decide you would prefer us to remove the malware from your machine and make sure it is adequately protected for the future we offer a malware removal service.


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