Why Choose Us?

There are many valid reasons why you should choose Affordable Computer Repairs and Service in Brisbane to take care of your valuable desktop, laptop, Mac or notebook and all your data, files and invaluable photos.


By reading some of the wonderful reviews our customers have written you will be able to put your mind at rest that you have found a 100% trustworthy Brisbane computer repair business.  Have a look at the reviews customers have written on Google Plus (GMB) and TrueLocal – we even have a few on our Facebook Page and Word of Mouth – there may be even more that we are not aware of elsewhere on the net.


We are very experienced and knowledgeable and will resolve your computer problem or IT issues within one to two hours – or even less if it is an easy fix.


Instead of just saying “bring your machine in and we will have a look at it’ or just taking down your location details for a mobile visit, we will discuss with you on the phone your particular computer related issue (often at length).  More often than not we will advise the seriousness or not of your repair and the potential likely outcomes.  We will also advise you of our fees and charges that may be applicable.  If your repair job is likely to include the need for new parts we will inform you as to the cost of replacement components.  You will not be kept in the dark either as we will be in contact with you during the repair process.  We are just a phone call away and if you are unlucky and get voice mail we will return your call the same day and as quickly as possible.


We are indeed very affordable and this is born out by the number of customers whose reviews state this fact.  Our rates are well below those of the large chain computer repairers and I can assure you that our expertise is as good if not better!

There are several reasons why our rates are very competitive and affordable (some might even say cheap).  The first is that we cannot honestly justify to ourselves charging such a high cost for a repair that a customer with just a few more dollars could purchase a new machine.  Secondly, we rank very high in Google searches so we don’t have to pay for advertising – and pass that expense on to our customers.  Thirdly we are a home based business and do not have any rent to pay!  Finally, most of our customers prefer to bring their computer to our workshop/office in Coorparoo and this provides significant savings for customers.  For mobile repairs (and we do offer this service too) a customer is paying for each and every minute that the technician is on site even if the technician is waiting for a program to run such as in malware removal jobs.  In the workshop, a technician can keep a sharp eye on such a job whilst setting up the next.  Obviously then time charged for a job is much lower for workshop repairs.

In terms of fees, our hourly rate is $150 an hour and most jobs are done within one to two hours.  We also have set fees for certain jobs such as $145 for data recovery and $75 for our diagnostic service.  For computers repaired and other IT services undertaken in our Coorparoo workshop, we have a cap at three hours labour – but you would be informed before the labour cost for your repair job was likely to be more than 2 hours or more than quoted.


We know how you rely on your PC, laptop or Mac and do our utmost to return it to you fully functioning in the least possible time.  Our usual turn around time is 2 to 3 days which is much quicker than our competitors.  We will always advise you as to how quickly we are likely to complete the repair job on your machine.  The number of repair jobs we obtain fluctuates (who knows why) and when our workload is less than normal we can do overnight repairs.


When undertaking mobile computer repairs we will arrive at the appointed time, on-time and fully prepared to solve your particular IT problem.  Please check to see if you are within our Brisbane mobile repair service area.

Opening Hours

For your convenience we open for almost a full day on Saturday.  Our business hours are from 8 in the morning to 6 at night, Monday to Saturday.  We are also available out of these hours for customers needing to drop-off, pick-up computers before or after work.

Approachable, Knowledgeable and Friendly

We provide the unbeatable combination of expert computer knowledge together with excellent communication and customer service skills.  We will explain to you in plain English what the fault is and what needs to be done in order to repair it and the cost of the repair.   You are assured that you will be helped by the same person all through the repair job, who will know from you what the issues are and will provide you feedback while undertaking the repair.   For particularly troublesome computers we will discuss the options you have regarding repairing or replacing your machine and the pros and cons associated with this choice.

Why Choose Us?

Our business has been built on trust and customer satisfaction, contact us today and we will ensure that you too become a satisfied customer.


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Why choose us?


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