Repair or Replace Computer?

Repair or Replace Computer?

We do computer repairs in Brisbane in Brisbane and this is the most frequently asked question that we get from our customers – should they repair or should they replace their computer…?

Given the availability of affordable new machines, this is a valid question, and we have in the past and continue to advise clients in certain instances that replacing their machine may indeed be a valid option.  The questions you need to consider are:-

  • How old is your computer – really any machine over five years old you may want to consider replacing it.
  • Are you prepared to learn a new operating system and new versions of Microsoft software – with the new Windows 8 this is a pretty steep learning curve…
  • If your machine so old that parts are difficult to come by and is it no longer possible to speed up your machine due to hardware limitations?
  • Will you be moving all your files yourself or do you want us to do it for you?  If you want us to do it for you, you will have to take into account the cost of this service together with the cost of a new computer.
  • With the proliferation of PCs and Laptops on the market, do you know which one(s) would best meet your needs?  We can advise you on this free of charge or alternatively build you a PC to your specification at an affordable price using quality components.
  • Are you using software (such as older games) which are now incompatible with new computer operating systems or is the opposite the problem, your old machine can’t support the new software that you want to use?
  • How serious is the repair job – remember our service fee is $125 an hour which is competitive, however, if you have several faulty hardware components, the cost of the repair can start to get close to the price of a new computer.
  • Are you an adopter of new technology and keen to try new platforms and software or do you just want to keep your computer working the way that you are familiar with and baulk at the idea of a new interface and new software?

In the end, with so many factors involved it becomes a personal decision.  If this is the decision you face we recommend you let us have a look at your machine, do a $75 diagnosis which will help you make a well-informed decision.

Repair Or Replace My Computer?

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