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Apple Malware and Mac Virus Removal

As you are probably (and unfortunately) all  too aware, Apple Mac computers (be they iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Pros, etc) are no longer exempt or “immune” from obtaining some form of malware or virus.  The good news is that whilst it can be and often is a lengthy process, it’s not impossible to remove malware from Mac computers and we at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service are very experienced in Mac Virus Removal.

There are some occasions when the success of mac virus removal can be questionable and more information on particularly deadly viruses are provided at the bottom of this article.

Affordable Mac Malware Removal

But if bad luck should strike, the good news is that we can thoroughly remove malware from your iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, etc, (from your files, your programs and the Mac operating system) for a fixed fee of $190, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Free Mac Virus Protection

In addition, should you require an effective anti-virus / anti-malware program for your Mac computer we can install an appropriate free license version or, recommend a range of full-featured applications requiring an annual subscription.

Brisbane Mac Virus Removal In Coorparoo

If your iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro desktop, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook laptop  computer is infected with a virus, trojan, or malware (be it junkware adware, spyware, etc) – basically any form of malware we can remove this for you for a very affordable rate at our workshop in Coorparoo ($190 fixed fee).  Alternatively, we offer an Apple virus removal mobile service and can come to your home or place of work.  For mobile Mac malware removal the rate is $130 per hour.

To contact us please call 3397 1215 or 0409 974 707 or complete our Contact Form.

Workshop Location

Our address is 48 Octantis Street in Coorparoo, corner of Mars Street, see map below.  We are fortunate enough to have a workshop on the bottom level of our three storey cream coloured home.  The entrance to the office/workshop is clearly signed and we are open Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm.  We would, however, appreciate a call first so we can discuss the problem that you are having first and can provide you an estimate of both time and cost involved.

Particularly Deadly Viruses

In the majority of cases, it is possible to remove malware from Mac computers.  There are however cases where the removal potential is pretty bleak such as if you have the misfortune of landing ransomware or an encryption or crypto virus like Cryptolocker or the recent global WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks in May and June 2017 respectively.

Avoiding Malware and Malware Protection

For this reason, we strongly encourage you to backup your data on a regular basis, but a word of caution.  If you are in the habit of leaving your backup device connected via a USB or network connection – especially if you are running Time Machine or similar, be sure to create a separate backup and keep this stored in a safe place. We suggest this because any device connected to your computer may be vulnerable to attack, including those cloud-based storage solutions (that regularly synchronise with your computer) like Dropbox – whilst the ransomware process is running and infecting your Mac.

Anti-Malware Applications

So is having an anti-virus/ anti-malware application (like Norton, Kaspersky, Avast, Sophos, and many others)  installed on your Mac the answer? The short answer is YES, IT HELPS, but it won’t save you and your Mac from potential disaster, particularly (in our experience) from the kinds of ransomware mentioned above.  Even the best of these programs – and you need to keep these up-to-date on a regular, often daily basis – is never  100 percent effective against every threat you might encounter in cyberspace.  Nor can they be, as these programs are often playing catch up to meet threats as they as they arise.

Mac Malware Advice

There are also numerous applications that we encounter that masquerade as legitimate anti-virus and anti-malware programs that are at best useless or “junkware” and at a more serious level, actual malware or exploits to allow your system to be infected with more dangerous threats.  This kind of threat has long existed with Windows-based computers and is now appearing in increasing numbers on Apple Macs as well.

The good news is that by exercising a degree of caution, especially when viewing your emails, opening attachments, (and avoiding the ones that look dubious and suspicious), opening links, and surfing the internet, you can avoid many of these problems and avoid the need for Apple malware removal or worse such as loss of data.

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