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Home and Business Computer Setup Service

If you’ve purchased a new computer – be it a Windows PC or Mac, or you are setting up a home office or expanding your workplace, and are looking for a computer setup service and/or new computer installation service – and live in Brisbane – we at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service offer several different computer setup servicse for you to choose from.

We know many of the tips, tricks, short-cuts and pitfalls when setting up a new computer, printer, network, etc, and find solutions to problems we often encounter.

Set up and installation services can be broadly separated into the:-

  1. physical setting up of your new computer and peripherals and/or
  2. the installation and configuration of software (be it the operating system, program files and your backed up user data) onto your new computer.

Part Computer Setup Service

Our first computer setup service is for those who have purchased a new desktop (PC) or Mac with all the software that you will need already loaded.  This service includes physically setting up your new desktop or laptop, and connecting peripherals like printers/ scanners, etc, for you.  Also, making sure your internet connection is working optimally and also, if you require it, moving across all your files and data from your now superseded computer or from your backup.  If you are using a network then we would also connect your new computer to your LAN.

For your pre-loaded  Windows-based computer – be it an Acer, Dell, HP or Lenovo – we also recommend that as part of the setup service we remove those preloaded programs that you are unlikely to ever use.  This unnecessary software, much of which is more promotional or advertising in nature – we call it ‘junkware’ – is of no value to you and will just take up valuable space on your hard disk. It will also impact the performance of the system in terms of speed of your new laptop/ notebook or desktop.

Computer Installation Service

The next level of set up service is for those who have bought a computer (Mac or PC, desktop or notebook) that apart from the operating system, does not have the software that you may require.  This is a computer installation service that may include upgrading the operating system as well as loading the various program files that you need, including productivity software like Microsoft Office.  We can also transfer all your data from your old computer onto the new, including from Windows-based PC to Mac, and from Mac to Windows.

If your are running a Mac and require the necessary support to run Windows based software via a MacOS/ Windows dual operating system solution, we can assist in the installation of Boot Camp, or equally, Parallels or VMware software.

Setup and Installation Service Options

Whilst we have broadly described two different installation and computer setup service options, there are indeed a large number of different installation tasks that you may or may not need that we can provide to you.  Some of these installation and setup tasks you may know you need others you may need but do not know about.  A chat with one of our technicians will clarify this for you and you can be certain that we will provide your new computer setup exactly the way you want, to make your use of your new computer simple and easy – exactly how you would like it.

Home Computer Setup Service – and Business Computer Setup

Some of the set up tasks that you may be looking for will be needed to be done at your home or office.  This includes the physical setting up of your machine, connecting all peripherals and components.  We will also make sure that your internet connection is working.  Your email will be copied across and checked to make sure it is functioning properly.  We will also make sure that your printer is working and also (if required) make sure it is connected such that other machines can also print from the printer(s).

Computer Installation Service at our Coorparoo Workshop

Computer installation tasks can be done at your home or office but sometimes we recommend that all or some of these tasks are done in our workshop in Coorparoo.  Once the installation of software has been completed we can then (if you want) still come to your home or office and install and configure your computer and connect to your internet for you as well.

Why We Recommend our Computer Installation Service to be Done at our Coorparoo Workshop?

Installing or upgrading an operating system, along with applications/ programs can be a very time consuming exercise and can often be completed (in all or part) in our workshop.  Were this to be done at your residence or your office we will naturally charge you for the time that we spend onsite.  Sometimes this unavoidable, but if we can minimise time on site, we will suggest a solution to do so.

It also allows us to deliver a faster turnaround time whenever possible, as many tasks can be completed outside normal working hours.

Detailed List of Computer Setup Services We Provide

You may only need assistance with your new desktop, laptop or printer at home, but your needs could extend to several new computers and printers for your office. Below is a range of likely set up and configuration tasks that may be required for your new Mac or Windows laptop/ notebook or desktop PC.  In consultation with you we will determine which of these tasks you require to be completed and only perform the work that is necessary for you to have a computer up and running exactly the way that you require.  That includes:

  • Unpacking your new computer, printer, scanner, or other peripherals;
  • Connecting and configuring your new peripherals (ie. keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, etc) to your existing computer equipment;
  • Connecting and configuring your new computer(s) to your existing network, and current computer equipment and peripherals (ie. keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, web cam, etc);
  • Install or upgrade the operating system any new device drivers as required;
  • Set up and configure a local area network, including internet access;
  • Install & configure a replacement modem and connect to your internet provider;
  • Set-up and configure your email accounts and import your existing mail settings and email data;
  • Transfer your exiting or archived user data from your previous system and import onto your new computer device;
  • Install and configure applications and productivity software like MS Office, MYOB, Adobe Creative Suite, etc, on your new computer system;
  • Configure your new computer for optimal performance and stability, including the removal of unnecessary, preinstalled “junkware”;
  • Installing and updating your anti-virus/ anti-malware applications and; testing your online security, including your firewall settings;
  • Removing your obsolete applications (including anti-virus/ anti-malware programs), device drives, and replacing these with improved, up-to-date versions;
  • Setting up a MacOS/ Windows dual operating system solution on your Mac using Boot Camp, or equally, Parallels or VMware software.

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