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 Acer Computers – Their Durability and Repairability

Acer has been a good brand for a long time and whilst we do get a reasonable number of Acer repair jobs for older Acer computers, in general there is a lower proportion of Acer repairs (for older Acer machines) than there are for some of the other main computer brands.

Unfortunately the more recent Acer models are not as durable as the older Acer models.  The newer Acer laptops and desktops do not have the same quality of components that they once did.  This means that we are obtaining a number of repair jobs for Acer machines that are only two years old and even some as new as only 6 months.  Whilst this is true for Acer, it is also true for many of the other major brands with both notebooks and PCs not made to last like they once were.  Based on our experience in computer repair, an expected lifespan of a new PC or notebook is now really only around 3 years.

Most Common Acer Repair Jobs

The most common Acer repair jobs are the replacement of a failed hard drive or a failed motherboard (logic board).  This applies to both older and newer Acer machines. Another fairly common Acer repair for older models of Acer (and other older computer brands) is that the software installation can become corrupted over time.

Older Acer Computer Repairs

The good news for a repair of an older Acer machine is that if it is your software installation has become corrupt, for machines running windows 7, Acer had a good recovery setup.  This means an easier repair and thus less costly repair job than for newer Acer computers and other newer computer branded machines.

However for some other Acer repair jobs the repair is not quite as easy or as affordable. In fact, when customers come to us with a basic Acer computer model that is 4 years or older we do discuss with them the pros and cons of repairing their Acer or replacing their Acer with a new computer, depending on the nature of the Acer repair that is required.

Repair or Replace an Older Acer Computer

The cost of repair is obviously one of the major cons whilst a major reason for repair (a pro for Acer computer repairs) is familiarity with your Acer, its setup, the software and hence ease of use.  Many people do not want to learn a new operating system and thus repair is seen as a better alternative (it is obviously also cheaper than buying a new machine) and also far more convenient.  Furthermore if you have a more expensive higher end Acer machine, the replacement cost is likely to be quite a lot more than the repair cost.

The reason we do raise the issue of repair or replace for an older Acer is if it is a motherboard or a hard drive that needs to be replaced the cost of purchasing the replacement hardware component and the labour involved may tip the scales for some people in terms of purchasing a new computer rather than repairing the older machine.  The repair costs can sometimes be as high as 50% of the purchase of a basic entry new Acer laptop.

Replacement of a Failed Motherboard in an Older Acer

Also in relation to replacing a failed motherboard it can be difficult to obtain the part and in some cases there are only refurbished or re-used parts available.  These parts usually also come with only a short warranty period as well.  However, you never know your luck and you are welcome to call us to enquire regarding the logic board availability for your specific Acer computer.

In terms of repair costs, whilst our labour rates are more than competitive the replacement of a logic board and a hard drive in particular can be a timely process.  And this is true no matter which computer repair business you take your Acer to.

Replacing a motherboard (whilst easier on the older Acer computers) does involve opening up the laptop or desktop and very carefully disconnecting the dead logic board, installing the new mother board and then testing that the new component is working correctly.  There is less labour involved in replacing a motherboard on an Acer laptop or other type of Acer computer than replacing a hard drive.  However if it is a refurbished part and this does make one consider whether to repair an older Acer computer or replace it.

Replacement of a Failed Hard Drive in an Older Acer

Replacing a faulty hard drive, once again means the Acer repair service involves opening up the machine to remove the hard drive.  Replacing a failed hard drive also means everything has to be reinstalled, this includes all software, the operating system and the device drivers and then the customers own data files, photos, emails etc.  If you, the computer owner have not backed up your data then this may also involves data recovery.

As said, if you include the cost of a new hard drive and the labour cost for reinstalling everything on the Acer repair cost may add up to around 50% of the purchase of an entry level Acer notebook computer.   (This does not only apply to Acer but to all brands, makes and models of machines.)

It is not all doom and gloom.  At the end of the day it is cheaper, half the price for Acer laptop repairs and Acer computer repairs if you bring your Acer to Affordable Computer Repairs and Service.  Having your Acer repaired does mean that you will be getting back the old and familiar machine with all your settings and well known software and operating system.  This means you will save yourself what can be a lengthy process of learning a new operating system, should that be the case for your older Acer machine.  If you are a fan of Windows 7 or any earlier operating system, it is often the case that you are better off repairing rather than replacing your machine.

Newer Acer Computer Repairs

Obviously repairing a new Acer computer is a more viable option than purchasing a new machine.  This is because unlike the older models all the functioning components of a new Acer computer are far less likely to fail.

Like older Acer models the most common repair jobs are replacement of failed hard drives or logic boards and we are highly experienced in this type of repair work.

Why Do Customers Ask Us to Repair Acer Computers Still Under Warranty?

We do obtain quite a number of Acer computer owners requesting that we repair their Acer even though the computer is still under warranty.  The reason for this is that we will repair your Acer in two to three days.  When an Acer is sent off for a warranty repair it will probably be several weeks before the computer is returned.  Many of our clients are not able to manage without their computer for such a lengthy period.

Acer Screen Repairs

The cost of an Acer screen repair depends naturally on the complexity of the screen with the lowest replacement cost for a standard resolution 15.6 inch TFT screen.  Replacement costs increase with the complexity right up to the high definition and touch screens which are more expensive to fit and replace.  Again this is a characteristic of all laptop brands.

If you need a screen replaced on your Acer laptop you can be assured we will do a quality job.  Please feel free to call us for a quote for the particular Acer laptop screen that needs to be replaced.  Our phone number is 33971215 and you will most likely speak to Mark, the owner and hands on technician at Affordable Computer Repairs and Service.

For us to do a screen replacement for you, we will be asking you to bring your laptop to our office/workshop in Coorparoo.  The address is 48 Octantis Street, corner of Mars Street.  We operate out of a home office and there is clear signage that will take you to the computer repairs reception area and workshop.  Please although we are open 8am to 6pm Monday through to Saturday we would prefer if you call us so that we are expecting you and we can also discuss with you on the phone the likely repair cost and turnaround time.

Mobile and Workshop Acer Repair Service

For other Acer repairs we do offer a mobile repair service as well as the option to bring your computer to our workshop in Coorparoo.  Although we do offer a mobile service in some instances, depending upon the nature of repair it is best done in our workshop in the right conditions to ensure that the job done for you is the best that it can possibly be.

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