More Computer Pranks and Tricks

More Computer Pranks and Tricks from Affordable Computer Repairs and Service

Following on from our previous list of computer pranks and tricks, we have complied some more computer pranks and tricks for you.  These are easy and effective computer pranks for you to try out on unsuspecting victims.

Slide Show 

Take a screen shot of your victims Desktop, and then open up Microsoft PowerPoint. Paste the screen shot into PowerPoint. Now resize the image to fit into the box. Select the slide and copy if by pressing Control and V. Hold down these keys and PowerPoint will copy and paste the image over and over. When you think you have enough copies press F5. Now a slide show will appear of the Desktop over and over again…

No Text Prank

As soon as your co-worker has left his/her desk change the font colour on the document/spreadsheet that they are working on to white. When they come back and start typing, nothing will appear on the screen…

Frozen Icon Trick

Take a screen shot of someone computers desktop – you can use the Print Screen button. Then paste it into Paint and save it as wallpaper. Then hide their icons by right clicking on the desktop background on their computer, select View and then deselect the option to show desktop icons. Now all the icons are shown on the screen but when selected nothing happens as it is the wallpaper that they are clicking on.

Two Mice Computer Prank 

Did you know that computers can respond to two different mice at the same time? Try it out by plugging your mouse into your neighbours computer – assuming the machines are close enough together. Now there will be two cursors on the screen, one of which you control and appears to be behaving erratically to your unsuspecting neighbour.

This joke is even more effective if you can use a wireless mouse as even if the user realises that they are the subject of a prank it will take them some time to work out who is the cause – or not at all if you can quickly remove the evidence.

Keyboard Key Trick 

Change the function of a few keys on your friend’s keyboard. This joke is funnier if you change only a few and particularly the Alt and Del keys. Your victim will more than likely type away for a while before becoming aware that they have a problem and after a while will be convinced that the keyboard is faulty.

Blue Screen of Death Prank

Everyone is familiar with and dreads the famous blue screen of death. So why not use this to your advantage? Download the blue screen screen saver onto a family member’s computer and expect to hear cries of help…

More Computer Pranks and Tricks using Sounds

This is a super idea if you want an easy and funny prank.  Access the Control Panel, select Sounds and Audio Devices and then select Sounds.  Now you need to change the different noises that programs make. One very effective choice is to set the Windows shutdown sound to play when a person closes a program…


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More Computer Pranks and Tricks

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